Cliff Side Tree understands the many variables that adversely affect your trees, before, during and after construction phases.

There are many complexities to pruning and removing trees in proximity of constructions and power lines that we are experienced in. Managing the tree structure is a task that must be done intelligently or else you may bear an accelerated risk and expense in poor quality work. The difference between a high end piece of real estate and a ghetto is the size, species, location and condition of large scale trees.

Dominic Fontaine - Arborist


Since 96’ I’ve been, aloft preserving our oldest growth trees and removing the most hazardous and unwanted trees out from over structures and through power lines. Chasing challenges has lead me to work extensively in the inner city of Boston, out to the Maine islands, some nationwide work with a bit of time in the Northern Californian tree tops. Over the years my equipment and boats have allowed me to offer a lot more than technical climbing tree care services.

***The “Import Concept Link” on this website, that I created has broken down complex tree concerns into simple explanations and standards for you to better understand what your tree investment is with me. Call most anytime.

Dominic Fontaine - Arborist

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Large forest projects:

Standard maintenance will extend the life of old growth trees

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At CliffSideTree, we’ve taken the tree care concept one step further by offering a full service management.
CliffSideTree have been providing high quality tree service for more than 25+ years in Maine (Camden and surrounding areas).
CliffSideTree also has a great feedback on the service quality based on our clients response.

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Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

Dominic Fontaine and his company Cliffside Tree Service have provided services for Scholz & Barclay Architecture on a number of projects since 1999 and continue to do so. The work has been accomplished with extreme care to the surrounding environment and within the initial estimates or quotation figures requested, and within the agreed-upon schedule. At completion of the work the site has always been left in a clean undamaged condition. We can recommend without reservation Mr. Fontaine and his company.
John B. Scholz AIA

As a landscape architect I look for the best in contractors to work on my projects and on my own garden. Arborist Dominic Fontaine did excellent work on the giant walnut tree in my back yard. He performed cleaning and canopy thinning, climbing throughout the tree, including out on the limbs to reach dead wood. His professional standards and quality of work are excellent. I recommend him without hesitation.
Francis Fox Spinks

We're Passionate About Delivering Good Quality Services

A basic knowledge of tree structures and tree functions is the foundation for good quality tree care. Understanding how the tree will respond to stress, wounds, and treatments is necessary in applying tree car techniques. Without this knowledge, workers may employ improper tree care practices or poor techniques, which can be damaging to trees.

The waste created: Urban deforestation and tree mutation is often the result of economic concern over the more intensive preservation expertise required, but lacking, on the part of many tree companies. Abiding by the principles of tree preservation is often not as profitable as tree removal.


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